International shipping

We ship to a certain amount of country's. These country's are listed below. We apply different costs and delivery times for each country. We provide also free shipment of your order if the total amount of your order is above a certain amount. That amount is listed below in the last column. Unfortunately, the delivery time can be longer if the customs have to check the parcel. This is most of the time not applicable to our parcels but it can happen. Please pay attention to it. 

 Country  Costs (in €)   Delivery time            Free shipping above:
 Belgium  €7,95  1-2 weekdays*  €65,-
 Germany  €7,95  2-3 weekdays  €65,-
 France  €12,95  2-3 weekdays  €100,-
 Italy  €14,95  3-5 weekdays  €100,-
 Austria  €12,95  2-4 weekdays  €100,-
 Poland  €19,95  3-5 weekdays  €100,-
 Spain  €14,95  3-5 weekdays  €100,-
 United Kingdom  €12,95  2-4 weekdays  €100,-
 Switzerland  €23,95  2-3 weekdays  €100,-
 Scandinavia**  €23,95  2-5 weekdays  €100,-
 Denmark  €13,95  2-3 weekdays  €100,-
 Portugal  €19,95  4-6 weekdays  €100,-
 Czech Republic  €14,95  3-5 weekdays  €100,-



*Our experience is that the shipment company delivers packages in Belgium most of the time the next workday. But unfortunately we can't guarantee that. 
** With Scandinavia we mean Norway, Sweden and Finland.

For other destinations please contact us. Because mostly shippingcosts depends partly of the weight of the parcel we would like to make a special offer for you.

If you have further questions or your question is not answered with the information on this page, please feel free to contact us on +31332068830. Or sent an email to